Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets

Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets by Patty Jansen

Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets is book 10 in the Ambassador series Ceren, the world that’s the home of the city of Barresh, has vast swathes of untamed wilderness, most of it tribal land belonging to meta-human tribes like the Pengali. For many years, illegal organisations have seen these tribes…

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Patty Jansen

Patty Jansen is an Australian author of science fiction and fantasy. Read the Ambassador series, Icefire Trilogy and more.

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Extermination – Space Agent Jonathan Bartell

Extermination by Patty Jansen

Extermination is book 3 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series While space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen attend a conference held at a base in the asteroid belt, a man approaches Jonathan in great distress. He was asked to take over command of a previously commercial research station,…

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Juno Rising

Juno Rising is a novel in the ISF-Allion series A prisoner, a secret he can’t remember, and the military force that will destroy planets to get their hands on it. When Fabio Velazquez arrives on the secretive military base on Jupiter’s moon Io, he knows two things: one, that he’s…

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Observation – Space Agent Jonathan Bartell

Observation is book 2 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series Space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen arrive at Johnson Base at the Moon’s south pole for a project with Professor Isaacs that is so secret, he cannot share the details with them. However, the professor does not show…

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Contamination – Space Agent Jonathan Bartell

Contamination is book 1 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series Jonathan Bartell is a young man, just out of university, when he signs up for the position of Quarantine Officer at the Orbital Launch Station. He is part of a crop of students who flocked to study exo-biology when…

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Ambassador 7: The Last Frontier

Ambassador 7: The Last Frontier is book 7 in the Ambassador series Never has there been more at stake for the people on Earth. The referendum question is simple: does Earth join gamra, the organisation that governs the Exchange, the FTL space travel network? While a “yes” vote would mean…

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New Horizons

New Horizons is a collection of stories. A collection of fifteen novellettes and novellas by Patty Jansen. This collection includes the Writers of the Future winning story This Peaceful State Of War, as well as fiction published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Many of the stories take place in…

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Ambassador 6: The Enemy Within

Ambassador 6: The Enemy Within is book 6 in the Ambassador series Two men went on a surfing trip in a remote area. Only one came back, accused of murdering the other. Sounds simple, right? Not quite, because the alleged murder happened on another planet, the accused is a member…

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Ambassador 5: Blue Diamond Sky

Ambassador 5: Blue Diamond Sky is book 5 in the Ambassador series As Cory takes a well-earned rest and finally submits to proper weapons training, he and a couple of people from his household go on a hunting trip in the marshland between Barresh and the turquoise sea. A bad…

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