Permutation is book 4 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series En route to a job in the asteroid belt, the transport ship that Jonathan and Gaby are travelling on is required to give assistance to a space station in trouble. Astoria Station stopped responding to everything except automated messages.…

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Ambassador 11: The Forgotten War

Ambassador 11: The Forgotten War is book 11 in the Ambassador series Cory has made several commitments to members of the Asto inner circles. He needs to spend time with Thayu’s son. He has also been asked to give a favour to a boy of the Azimi clan. What better…

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Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets

Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets by Patty Jansen

Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets is book 10 in the Ambassador series Ceren, the world that’s the home of the city of Barresh, has vast swathes of untamed wilderness, most of it tribal land belonging to meta-human tribes like the Pengali. For many years, illegal organisations have seen these tribes…

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Indie Writer Unboxed

Indie Writer Unboxed by Patty Jansen

Indie Writer Unboxed is book 4 in the The Three-Year, No-bestseller Plan For Making A Living From Your Fiction series So. You’ve self-published. You’ve written some books, but they’re not selling as well as you hoped. Or maybe you sold well in the beginning but your sales have slipped and…

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Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert

Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert is book 9 in the Ambassador series The conflict has brewed for generations, until it has become too big to handle. Cory and his association finally return to Asto on the invitation of his father-in-law, for his official induction ceremony into the Domiri clan. They…

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The Dragon King (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 3)

The Dragon King by Patty Jansen

The Dragon King is book 3 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series Take an adolescent boy. Make him angry. Add dragons. Saving Prince Bruno from the church crypts hasn’t turned out the way Nellie had planned. The boy is morose, angry, hellbent on revenge, and incapable of wielding the power he…

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The Wizard Priest (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 2)

The Wizard Priest by Patty Jansen

The Wizard Priest is book 2 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series A young prince, an evil wizard, and a city that no longer seems to care. Cast out from the palace, Nellie survives in the streets of Saardam with the poor and destitute and a dragon whose behaviour she can’t…

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The Bastard Prince (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 1)

The Bastard Prince by Patty Jansen

The Bastard Prince is book 1 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series She has a dragon, and she’s not afraid to use it. Nellie Dreessen is a kitchen maid in the palace of Regent Bernard of Saardam. She has worked for two kings and two regents, has seen two royal families…

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Extermination – Space Agent Jonathan Bartell

Extermination by Patty Jansen

Extermination is book 3 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series While space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen attend a conference held at a base in the asteroid belt, a man approaches Jonathan in great distress. He was asked to take over command of a previously commercial research station,…

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Juno Rising

Juno Rising is a novel in the ISF-Allion series A prisoner, a secret he can’t remember, and the military force that will destroy planets to get their hands on it. When Fabio Velazquez arrives on the secretive military base on Jupiter’s moon Io, he knows two things: one, that he’s…

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