Ambassador 12: The Unfolding Army

Ambassador 12: The Unfolding Army by Patty Jansen

Ambassador 12: The Unfolding Army is book 12 in the Ambassador series

The worst possible things arrive at the worst possible time.

Cory is not the only person who dislikes the new president of Nations of Earth, Simon Dekker. Many people at gamra and even within Nations of Earth have similar issues. In fact, the discontent was so bad that there was talk to unseat the president.

Then war arrived from space in the form of the rogue and highly organised SCAC, and people are looking to their leaders for guidance.

But can a mistrusted leader provide protection?

Dekker is aligned with the north American countries, who are not members of Nations of Earth and may even support SCAC.

But when Cory decides that it’s probably best not to wait for Nations of Earth to sort itself out to officially ask for help from gamra–after all, he’s done this before–that’s when the proverbial hits the fan. Because Cory’s decision assumes that Earth will eventually come into line behind gamra. Or that Asto’s massive army can defeat the rogue SCAC.

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