The Wizard Priest (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 2)

The Wizard Priest is book 2 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series
The Wizard Priest by Patty Jansen

A young prince, an evil wizard, and a city that no longer seems to care.

Cast out from the palace, Nellie survives in the streets of Saardam with the poor and destitute and a dragon whose behaviour she can’t control, but is the key to finding the last member of the royal family.

The pompous Regent is hell-bent on finding the person who has killed his court advisor and he has decided the dragon is guilty. If he doesn’t find a culprit, his main source of money is at stake. The guards comb the city. It’s only a matter of time before they find Nellie.

A terrible mishap caused by the dragon puts Nellie’s friend and a number of other innocent people in prison. Nellie can no longer run and hide.

She concocts the most daring escape plan ever, but in gathering help to carry it out, she makes discoveries that may change the future of the city.

Praise for The Wizard Priest

“Again, a well written, pleasant surprise from Patty Jensen! Truly enjoy her lead character, Nellie is incredible. Driven, determined, having aged wisely, she is a tribute to sageness!–Amazon reviewer”

“This is a fantasy mystery with good character development and some interesting twists and turns. I look forward to the finale!–Amazon reviewer”

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