The Dragon King (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 3)

The Dragon King by Patty Jansen

The Dragon King is book 3 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series Take an adolescent boy. Make him angry. Add dragons. Saving Prince Bruno from the church crypts hasn’t turned out the way Nellie had planned. The boy is morose, angry, hellbent on revenge, and incapable of wielding the power he…

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The Wizard Priest (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 2)

The Wizard Priest by Patty Jansen

The Wizard Priest is book 2 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series A young prince, an evil wizard, and a city that no longer seems to care. Cast out from the palace, Nellie survives in the streets of Saardam with the poor and destitute and a dragon whose behaviour she can’t…

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The Bastard Prince (Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 1)

The Bastard Prince by Patty Jansen

The Bastard Prince is book 1 in the Dragonspeaker Chronicles series She has a dragon, and she’s not afraid to use it. Nellie Dreessen is a kitchen maid in the palace of Regent Bernard of Saardam. She has worked for two kings and two regents, has seen two royal families…

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Juno Rising

Juno Rising is a novel in the ISF-Allion series A prisoner, a secret he can’t remember, and the military force that will destroy planets to get their hands on it. When Fabio Velazquez arrives on the secretive military base on Jupiter’s moon Io, he knows two things: one, that he’s…

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Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy

Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy is book 1A in the Ambassador series 3 December 2114 Cory Wilson is woken in the middle of the night with a summons to appear in the president of Nations of Earth’s office. An aid worker in Djibouti has discovered a shipment of alien guns.…

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Ghostspeaker Chronicles 3. The Idiot King

The Idiot King is book 3 in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles series Johanna, Roald, Nellie and Loesie have come to Florisheim finding many of their kinsmen there. The survivors from the burning of Saardam who have come here are the nobles who were never great supporters the old king, and it…

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Ghostspeaker Chronicles 2. Willow Witch

Willow Witch is book 2 in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles series The second book in the saga. Johanna, Prince Roald, Nellie and Loesie have been captured by bandits. Touched by evil magic, Loesie behaves ever stranger and may be a danger to attempts to escape. Every step they take brings them…

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Ghostspeaker Chronicles 1. Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen

Innocence Lost is book 1 in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles series She wanted to run her father’s business. She got a mad prince, demons, ghosts and a kingdom in debt. As the only child of a successful merchant, Johanna has her wits and a sense for business. The royal family is…

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Ambassador 2: Raising Hell

Ambassador 2: Raising Hell is book 2 in the Ambassador series The second-quickest way to get yourself killed when dealing with Coldi people of the planet Asto is to look a superior in the eye. The Coldi people possess an instinct that demands the formation of hierarchical networks in which…

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Ambassador 1: Seeing Red

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red is book 1 in the Ambassador series 24 October 2114: the day that shocked the world. Young diplomat Cory Wilson narrowly escapes death in the assassination of President Sirkonen. No one claims responsibility but there is no doubt that the attack is extraterrestrial. Cory was meant…

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