Extermination – Space Agent Jonathan Bartell

Extermination is book 3 in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series
Extermination by Patty Jansen

While space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen attend a conference held at a base in the asteroid belt, a man approaches Jonathan in great distress.

He was asked to take over command of a previously commercial research station, but strange things started happening: plants glowing in the dark, lights turning themselves on and off, computers misbehaving.

He discovered the cause, but Section Command issues a gag order on the issue. This is strange, because the Force is investing big in research.

Jonathan is left with many questions: who is this man, why does no one want to hear what he says, what is he doing at the conference, and what is the ultimate enemy of humanity?

A novella in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series, which explores biology in space and what happens when people start messing with it.

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