Indie Writer Unboxed

Indie Writer Unboxed is book 4 in the The Three-Year, No-bestseller Plan For Making A Living From Your Fiction series
Indie Writer Unboxed by Patty Jansen

So. You’ve self-published.

You’ve written some books, but they’re not selling as well as you hoped.

Or maybe you sold well in the beginning but your sales have slipped and you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried advertising, but you don’t think you’re very good at it. Or maybe your books just suck. Or maybe the algorithms hate you, or it’s because some troll gave you a one-star review.

At any rate, you’re struggling.

You’re too busy doing stuff that probably doesn’t matter, but you can’t see what or how to cut.

This book is for you!

Indie Writer Unboxed follows four hypothetical writers from the same online writing community on their journey, with challenges they face and steps they take to overcome them.

As reader with some self-publishing experience, you’re sure to find something in common with one of them: Tom, the semi-retired chemist who looks after his ill wife, Jack, who has lots of small dabbles at many different things, including having sold some books to a traditional press, Emily, who writes lots and lots of books but feels burnt out, and Lucy, a stay-at-home mother with a husband who really doesn’t “get” her desire to write.

This is not a how-to book, and it’s not a book that shows you how to (or claims that you will surely) make squillions. It’s a book about the range of realities that the vast majority of writers will find themselves in after the initial glow of publishing has worn off.

It’s a book about how to adapt, how to change your mindset, and how to be happy.

Praise for Indie Writer Unboxed

“Patty Jansen’s is a calm, practical voice in the sea of “you MUST do this!” advice that indie writers are often overwhelmed with. Every book in the Unboxed series is filled with a unique combination of tough love and reassurance, and this final book is no exception. The individual stories of these four fictional writers and their struggles resonated and left me feeling a whole lot less alone. And while that was worth the price of admission alone, Jansen *still* managed to teach me yet a few more tips of the practical nature while she was at it. Thank you, Patty Jansen!”

“There’s good advice in this book, and it ties together the themes from the previous three books in the series. I appreciated the realistic depictions of the struggles writers face, as the stories made me see my experiences aren’t unusual. A worthy addition to the series!”

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