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Indie Writer Unboxed is book 4 in the The Three-Year, No-bestseller Plan For Making A Living From Your Fiction series by Patty Jansen

About Indie Writer Unboxed

So. You’ve self-published.

You’ve written some books, but they’re not selling as well as you hoped.

Or maybe you sold well in the beginning but your sales have slipped and you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried advertising, but you don’t think you’re very good at it. Or maybe your books just suck. Or maybe the algorithms hate you, or it’s because some troll gave you a one-star review.

At any rate, you’re struggling.

You’re too busy doing stuff that probably doesn’t matter, but you can’t see what or how to cut.

This book is for you!

Indie Writer Unboxed follows four hypothetical writers from the same online writing community on their journey, with challenges they face and steps they take to overcome them.

As reader with some self-publishing experience, you’re sure to find something in common with one of them: Tom, the semi-retired chemist who looks after his ill wife, Jack, who has lots of small dabbles at many different things, including having sold some books to a traditional press, Emily, who writes lots and lots of books but feels burnt out, and Lucy, a stay-at-home mother with a husband who really doesn’t “get” her desire to write.

This is not a how-to book, and it’s not a book that shows you how to (or claims that you will surely) make squillions. It’s a book about the range of realities that the vast majority of writers will find themselves in after the initial glow of publishing has worn off.

It’s a book about how to adapt, how to change your mindset, and how to be happy.

Here is a sample:


You’ve published a book, and you’re working on the next. Maybe you’ve published a number of books. They might be selling fine (what “fine” means will depend on the individual), or you might be unhappy with sales.
You are now a self-published author. Your books are out there for all to see.

But inevitably questions of doubt rear their ugly heads: is this all there is?

Do I really have to spend so much time marketing? Is it meant to be so hard? What’s next? How do I advance my career? How do I even make a career out of this when my books don’t sell as much as I’d like to? How do I get out of this rut?

Don’t worry, this book is for you!
In this book, we will join four writers who are just like you, and follow them through their trials and tribulations as they learn to cope with life as self-published author.

So what sort of book is this?

In 2017, I published Self-publishing Unboxed, Mailing Lists Unboxed and Going Wide Unboxed. I always had thoughts about a fourth book, one that took a holistic look at what goes on in a writer’s career post-publishing. It would be a book that attempted to make sense of the cycle of elations and frustrations, the ups and downs you can only understand once you’ve published.

Many self-publishers and their communities focus on targeted, practical subjects that you can act on immediately. A lot of these projects are incredibly short-term, concerned only with immediate profits or gains.

To be honest, this is the entire nature of the industry. Fed up with waiting for someone else to take months (or years) to decide about their books, writers take matters into their own hands. Of course they’re a little impatient.

When you’re wondering what to do for a book launch, you don’t exactly feel like thinking about the things you do now that can influence your career next year. You want an easy path to as many sales as possible and you want it now.
Not that I’m immune to the short-term trend.

We’re consumed by publishing schedules, deadlines, return on investment and mailing lists. It’s about efficiency. We like that. Solving problems is our thing. Hands on is the way we like to do our business.

But sometimes, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking: where is this all going?

Am I on the main line or the sidetrack? Am I making the type of progress I want to make, and what is this life doing to me, to my finances and my happiness?

So this book is about you, the writer and all the different ways you can tackle your progress—or lack thereof. It’s a book that discusses the options from the point of view of the person who has to do all of it: you.

Because the most important ingredient in your writing career is your ability to keep writing books.

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  1. Patty

    Excellent narrative describes the hypothetical situation of four writers and how they can improve. Brilliant common sense that you need to be reminded of.

    Originally reviewed on Amazon

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