Patty Jansen author of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Patty Jansen Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Traditionally published fiction:

This peaceful state of war – 1st place Writers Of The Future Contest second quarter 2010

The Donner Equilibrium – Finalist Writers Of The Future Contest first quarter 2010

Ditmar award: nomination for best new writer 2010

Published short stories:
Survival in Shades of Orange – Analog Science Fiction and Fact November 2013
The Shattered World Within – Giganotosaurus February 2013
Geospermia – Analog May 2013
Abode – Aurealis May 2012
Where the plains merge with the sky – Scape magazine
Poor man’s Travel – Anywhere But Earth anthology
This Peaceful State of War – Writers of the Future Vol 27
Party, with Echoes – Redstone SF May 2011
Quarantine – Dead Red Heart anthology
His Name in Lights – Universe Annex Grantville Gazette #33 January 2011
Black Dragon – The Edge of Propinquity 54 October 2010
Metal Dragon – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #46 September 2010
Prototype MBrane SF July 2010
Little Boy Lost – Midnight Echo #4 June 2010
The rebelliousness of trassi udang – Belong anthology April 2010

Ambassador (novel) – Ticonderoga Publications 2013

My page on Smashwords:

Published three books in natural history (non-fiction)


  1. Great to meet you, Patty. I’ve been really enjoying your blog and when it comes to the time that I set up mine, I hope to keep it as well as you are doing yours. Same subject, different approach.

    I love it too that I can be reading a blog about SF and so far the blogger has nearly always been Australian. Is that a function of networking do you think, or naming the blogs so they are easily found?

  2. Hey, Rita! Long time no see. You used to be (maybe still are?) at OWW, weren’t you? I seem to remember reading some chapters. What are you doing with yourself these days?

    There are quite a lot of aspiring female SF writers in Australia. BTW, search engines seem to favour results from the geographic area you’re in.

  3. That is amazing, Patty, that you remember me from OWW. I appreciate. I’m with a local (Byron Shire, NSW) specfic writing group now, Vivid Ink Writers. And in synch with your comment, we aspiring women outnumber our lone male specfic writer four to one.

    We generally meet fortnightly, once a month for reviewing each others work, writing exercises etc, and once a month for writing related natter, and a yahoo group for in between.

    Workshops with NRWC and writing writing writing. Plus blogs and online groups. Always remembering the uneasy boundary between the need to write and the need to network.

  4. I got tired with local writing groups. There are only so many times you can see the same story without gnashing your teeth, and when you start gnashing your teeth, you stop being useful to the author 😉 If there are not enough members to allow you to look at someone else’s work for a while, it just becomes a drag. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but I prefer a larger online community, without the implied pressure of continuous mutuality. I don’t mind making a deal with someone to read their material in turn, but I want to be in control as to when and who.

  5. I can relate to where you are. My group seems to be changing from an actual reviewing group to a group of associates. It seems to me that only the two of us writing at a canter are interested in more of the same. I’ve been trying not to worry about the groups future.

  6. I’ll follow avidly.



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  8. Good luck with your Finalist story for Q2, vol. 27, WOTF. Australia is becoming well represented, thanks to so much talent emerging Down Under.

  9. Thanks, Brad. I hope to join everybody soon on the new forum. I’m having some login issues that will hopefully be resolved soon.


  11. thank you! Pity you’re not going to be there. I would love to talk to you. Just friended you here and on LJ. I hang out on LJ informally and here formally. My LJ handle is mikandra

  12. I may or may not be there in April. Depends on if scheduling and finances permit it. Will have to see. Eric makes a visit, and I might tag along. Will keep you posted if I am in fact going to be attending.

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  15. Hello Patti,

    You left a comment on my blog about reviewing Watcher’s Web, but I could not find any contact info to get a hold of you. I would be happy to review your book I can be reached at bookblogger.indie(at)gmail(dot).com if you are still interested.


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