#CSIROTweetup in photos

A few pictures of the Tweetup event (explanation of what this event is in this post)

ETA: An official report of the event is now up here

These are some general overview pictures. Others will follow when I cover some of the subjects we heard about and discussed.

Seen from the road approaching the CDSCC, you can see the historic (non-operational) telescope that received the images from the Moon landing which the entire world watched. The telescope was moved here from Honeysuckle Creek, and is a monument.

The large 72m telescope in close-up.

And a little less close-up.

One of the smaller telescopes talking to the distant Voyager2 craft.

Guided tour of the complex (repeated from the Friday when it was pouring).

Space tweeps talking and tweeting.

All set for the MSL Mars Curiosity launch! The first communication with the craft was to the smaller telescope shown above at about 2.55am


  1. Wait, that’s the telescope that received the moon landing? Do you mean to tell me the movie The Dish lied to me? :-/

  2. Yep. It’s Honeysuckle Creek, and not Parkes, that received the pictures. The people at CDSCC never shut up about the movie. They love to love it and hate it. The thing they get asked the most is if they really play cricket inside the dish 😉

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