Terms and Conditions

Print books

Print books are currently shipped only to Australia. I’m looking at adding other countries, but shipping is very expensive. If you’re not in Australia and desperately want a signed copy, send me an email via the contact form.


Ebooks are for your use only. You can download the MOBI or EPUB files. All file transactions are by Bookfunnel. If you have technical issues, they are far better equipped to handle them than I am.

Book Covers

When I receive your order, I will email you to ask for the text and author name on a cover.

Please note that you can’t get a cover without text. Covers are designed to work as a combination of text and image.

Covers are generally for ebooks only unless stated that there is a print option.

Here is a free hack for making print covers in Createspace:

Use Createspace’s template “The Spruce”, drop in the ebook cover, choose a matching spine and back colour and enter the blurb and titles in the fonts of your choice. It’s free!