Willow Witch (Ghostspeaker Chronicles Book 2)


The second book in the saga. Johanna, Prince Roald, Nellie and Loesie have been captured by bandits.

Touched by evil magic, Loesie behaves ever stranger and may be a danger to attempts to escape.

Every step they take brings them closer to the duke who is said to be the source of evil. Is he the necromancer who has burned all of Saardam?

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Willow Witch is the second book in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles, a six-part series that follows merchant daughter Johanna Brouwer, whose world falls apart when her home city is attacked, her father disappears and his business ruined.

She escapes the city in the company of her magic-addled friend Loesie, her prim maid Nellie and crown prince Roald, who is, as the locals say, not quite there in the head.

The three travel inland to seek help, only to find that evil magic has destroyed many other towns along the river.

They traverse magic forests and evil landscapes and encounter local magicians and people so poor that they are forced to make bargains with these men.

The only person willing to help them is the exorcist Duke Lothar, enemy and brother of the Red Baron. But can Johanna and her friends trust those who want to resurrect the dead?

Click through the sample and photographs for existing scenery which formed the inspiration of many of the scenes in this book. The fields of heather and the extremely sandy, poor soil kept farmers in dire poverty, in some areas as recently as the start of the industrial revolution.

Twisted oak trees and crystal clear creeks are a feature of the area.

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