While You Were Sleeping Hardcover


full colour hardcover, printed on 150gsm glossy paper.


This book, and these photos are very personal to me.

I live in Sydney which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I’m biased, of course, but let me show you.

Let me take you to the famous spots, but also the lesser-known locations. And let me do this at a time most people are still asleep: at dawn.

This collection of more than 100 photos is the best pick of thousands I’ve taken over a number of years.

The book is printed on 150gsm coated paper and will only be available in hardcover and digital options.

The book has 110 pages and it is a coffee table size: square 21 x 21 cm (google tells me this is 8.26 inches. If you say so, google).

Each location comes with a What Three Words code so that if you want to see these places for yourself, you can tell within a square of 3 x 3 m where I took the picture.

This book takes you everywhere along the coast between La Perouse in the south and Palm Beach in the north, and covers both urban and nature settings.

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