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Whale Mail is book 2 in the Bureau of Magic Abuse series by Patty Jansen

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About Whale Mail

Picture this: you’ve somehow come into the possession of a dragon (long story–you can read the previous book if you really want to know, but it’s kinda embarrassing, so you don’t need to).

And you need to return that dragon to the place it came from.

You’ve tried putting it on a truck–but it destroyed the truck.

You’ve tried putting it on the train–but it destroyed the carriage.

Now you’ve put the dragon in a warehouse while you figure out what to do, but–

You guessed it: the dragon destroys the warehouse.

Tell me, why wouldn’t you trick some rich merchant into lending you the only thing you haven’t yet tried: a boat.

Trouble is, the merchant’s price is that you return an old artefact to the whale kingdom along the way.

Whales are not nice. They’re very big. They’re cranky. And, here is a secret: they hate dragons.

They especially hate dragons.

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Here is a sample:

Perrin crossed the street and climbed the low step to the door.

He half expected—or hoped?—it to be locked, but it opened with nothing more than a creak. Right. The bell didn’t work.

Behind the grime-covered door in desperate need of a coat of paint, he found a cluttered shop with bare floorboards, shelves and tables full of randomly stacked items, ranging from old books to blackened silver cutlery, to dusty mismatched glasses, to little tables and chairs. Some were still in boxes, some of them stacked on top of each other and shoved under the display tables.

The owner of the shop sat behind the counter at the back wall. He was an old man with wispy grey hair. His face was utterly unfamiliar to Perrin. He shrunk into the corner, wide-eyed, when Perrin came in.

“I didn’t buy anything from them, I swear,” he said. His voice cracked with age.

“I haven’t even asked my question yet,” Perrin said.

“No, but you’re here because of those weird people who came in here just now, right? I have nothing to do with them, I swear!”

“Calm down, calm down. I did see them coming in, but I’m not interested in your business, but I’d like to know what they’re after and what they asked you.”

“I don’t know, I swear. I have nothing to do with them.” His eyes were wide. “I’m an honest man. I don’t have anything to do with that… magic stuff. You can search my shop if you want.”

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