The Dragon Prince (Ghostspeaker Chronicles Book 5)



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The Dragon Prince is the fifth book in the Ghostspeaker Chronicles.

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The tyrant Alexandre is gone from Saardam, but a new menace has come: the eastern traders in a ship of metal that is said to have been forged with dragon magic. They bring a chest of gold to buy an office in the city.

The people don’t want them in their town. The Church of the Triune, which forbids magic, has increased its hold on the population, despite the Red Baron's efforts to stamp it out.

Newly-crowned queen Johanna is staring into the empty coffers after the extravagant spending by her husband’s father before his death. King Roald is off in the garden to catch frogs, and she faces condemnation by the church in the knowledge that Saarland will need both money and magic to defeat the Red Baron’s army.

Queen Johanna of Saardam is trying to keep the crumbling kingdom together. The rightful king is not interested in ruling the country. He would rather chase frogs in the garden. The coffers are empty and the people of the city are starving. The noble members of the king’s council don’t think that she, a woman from a merchant family, should be queen.

And then there is a the threat of magic. Why do the magicians from neighbouring countries want to control the port city? That would have something to do with the eastern traders and their iron ship, right? People are lining up to buy those ships. Except it’s not for sale.

Johanna doesn’t know what the eastern traders want. She knows they have powerful magic and there are rumours that they have dragons.

She will need to make a plan if the city is to survive and if the region is to remain at peace. Already, dark forces are scheming against her.

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