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Project Charon 4: Swarm is book 4 in the Project Charon series by Patty Jansen

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About Project Charon 4: Swarm

Tina and her crew finally arrive on Olympus, the world that holds the Federacy Assembly. Her initial plan was to go there to present the data she left in a locker on Kelso Station fifteen years earlier, but many things have changed.

For one, rather than wait for someone else to do it, she and the scientists they collected at Aurora Station have been working on a cure for the infection that turns people into grey-skinned mutant pirates.

Secondly, they’re bringing a stricken war ship and a few of its remaining crew members who were rescued from pirate captivity.

Little has gone to plan. After a few attempts, they don’t yet have a cure. And while the infection does horrendous things to people besides giving them a long, but miserable, life, it seems that the only way it spreads is through human intervention.

Tina and her friends are about to make a few discoveries about power, who wields it, and how it is used in this conclusion to the Project Charon series. The betrayal runs much deeper than anyone has predicted. Those in power are not going to take their uncovering lying down.

Here is a sample:

While she was choosing a selection of little tartlets from the display, a few people came into the dining room. Tina did a double take, because she recognised one of them.

It was Lisette from the crew of the Manila.

She met Tina’s eyes.

Her mouth fell open. She spoke briefly to the woman next to her—someone Tina didn’t know—and joined Tina at the pastry table.

“I need to speak to you,” she said, her voice low.

“You can join us.” Tina gestured to the table where Finn and Jette were also staring at Lisette.

Lisette hesitated. Her blue gaze went from the group of women to Finn and Jette and back.

“Just for a short while, then. I really can’t stay long.”

“I understand.”

They made their way to the table, where Lisette sat down opposite Tina.

“How did you make it out?” Tina said. “I thought all of you had to be extensively debriefed. I’ve been trying to contact Evelle, but I’m not getting anywhere.”

“I’m admin staff. I’m only contracted to the military. I haven’t signed up for a long-term contract. In fact, my contract had already run out by the time we were captured.”

“So they let you go, just like that? Are Aliz and the others still there?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

“Is anything going on? You said you wanted to speak with me.”

“Yes. It’s about your kids.”

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