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After having escaped from Kelso Station, Tina and her crew run low on supplies.

Both stations they can visit are in pirate hands. They have to make a toss-up which would be the safest. They choose the bigger station.

But while they’re in the dock, trying very hard not to be noticed until they can negotiate the ridiculous supply wait times before they leave again, Tina finds out that her daughter Evelle is a prisoner at the station.

Trying to free her brings Tina much closer to the pirates than she ever wanted to get.

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Project Charon 2: Originator audio version is the second book in the Project Charon series by Patty Jansen.

Tina Freeman used to be a research scientist with the highly secretive Project Charon military station that was located next to a rift into another universe. Military scientists had been studying dust that came out of the rift for many years. Tina left the project when she didn’t agree with the command’s push to sell this dust and its genetic modifying potential. She split with her husband, a project leader, wrote a document that listed all her concerns and put it in a secret locker to be picked up by military spies.

The documents never reached their destination. The genetic mutations caused by the dust ran rampant for fifteen years. The problem is now much bigger than it was when Tina left the force and buried her head in the sand.

“If only…” is probably an apt description of the situation.

Can Tina do what she failed to do all those years ago?

Maybe, but now she has some extra baggage: her son Rex who, because of her exposure to the rift material, was born without arms and legs.

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