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Moon & Earth special edition hardcover is book 3 in the Moonfire Trilogy series by Patty Jansen

This edition includes a map of the Icefire world in colour. Not included in any other version sold anywhere else.

The shocking conclusion to the Moonfire Trilogy.

Lana han Chevonian is one of the world’s brightest minds on the brink of making a huge discovery. There is only one problem: she is stuck as prisoner in the harem of the Aranian king. She could try to escape and run the risk of getting re-captured or getting killed on the very long and difficult road back home to Chevakia, or she could win the favour of the king, beg to be allowed to use the famed library and promise Arania credit for her work.

Meanwhile, war is about to break out between Aranian armies with icefire weapons and Chevakian armies wanting to wipe those weapons off the face of the earth.

Lana’s discovery turns the understanding about icefire on its head, but no one is listening. They’re on course to destroy everything that’s keeping the world alive.

Here is a sample:

“What happens if a mother fails to become pregnant?”

“There have been a few. Usually, the king stops seeing them as frequently, and he passes the woman to the junior princes. If they fail, too, she gets to work in some place like the laundry. That’s not pleasant because the lower class men will know that they can jump on her without consequences and . . . those girls are usually found floating face down in the river within the year. I truly feel sorry for them. If you were ever thinking of taking something . . . to prevent pregnancy, I would strongly advise you to stop. He will find out. He will not take to it kindly. The discomfort and bother and pain of pushing out a child is nothing compared to incurring his wrath.”

Lana’s ears glowed. “I could be infertile because of my heritage. How many times does he try?”

Selwa grabbed her upper arm. “Look at me.”

Lana did.

“Whatever you’re taking, stop it. It’s not worth it.

”But . . . Lana’s eyes pricked with tears.

“I didn’t ask to have Sferuk, or Nayek or any of the others. I definitely didn’t ask for this last cursed child that almost killed me. The king decides that you will have a child. You give him the child. Rest assured, he only asks when he needs it.”

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