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Self-published authors are coming to realise that a stable career is about a backlist of titles and keeping that backlist selling.

But how do you do this?

Invariably, advice given by other authors includes holding promotions and lowering the price of the first book in series, or even making it free. However, few people mention one of the most powerful ways to keep your backlist selling: the author mailing list.

This is where Mailing Lists Unboxed comes in. It shows you:

–The different types of author mailing lists

–How to recruit people to sign up

–What to do with your list once you have one

–Attitudes about mailing lists, including those that stand in your way

–Warnings and precautions

–And much more

This is not a book for beginners. If you know little about self-publishing, read Self-publishing Unboxed first.

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Mailing Lists Unboxed Audio

Mailing Lists Unboxed Audio version is a no-nonsense guide to gathering and using a mailing list as self-published author.

It covers different types of mailing lists and their inherent strategies. It covers how to keep your list efficient, and when you should or should not cull your subscribers.

Most authors spend far more time worrying about how they are going to increase the size of their mailing list than planning out what they are going to do with the list and how they can use it to sell books. This book explains the two types of mailing lists, and how strategies differ for both.

The book also dispels some common myths that circulate about mailing lists, discusses the perpetual topic of open rates, list size and general list philosophy.

The author mailing list is the most powerful tool that’s in the author’s sphere of control. The retailers don’t tell you who your customers are, what else they like and what makes them tick. With your mailing list, you can turn them from readers into fans. You can even turn them from people who have randomly downloaded a free book into fans.

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