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A prisoner, a secret he can’t remember, and the military force that will destroy planets to get their hands on it.

When Fabio Velazquez arrives on the secretive military base on Jupiter’s moon Io, he knows two things: one, that he’s had his memories erased and two, that he has a secret. Except because of point one, he can’t remember what point two is.

The portents aren’t good: he’s hated by his fellow soldiers, responsible for “the greatest f***-up in military history”, traitor and human guinea pig. Yet, he managed to be trusted with a secret so big that the military has almost killed him and still haven’t gotten their hands on it. Where is it, and who does it belong to?

His nickname might be Escape Artist, but in the hostile environment of Io there is no escaping punishment. Or so the military thinks, but they’re not the only ones interested in him.

A secret base lurks in the cloud tops of Jupiter. They watch. They wait. They will strike.

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Juno Rising print edition is a standalone novel in the ISF-Allion world.

The International Space Force lost the space race.

The honour of landing the first people on Mars and settling permanent colonies in orbiting space stations belonged to the company Allion. But after a confusing and barbaric conflict that’s referred to as “what happened on Mars”, Allion has been driven out of their positions, and has disappeared.

But what really happened on Mars? Few people know, because there are few survivors.

Fabio might know, but he has been in prison, where successive captors have attempted to wipe his memory. He sure is a confused and cut-up character.

But he’s not about to let that stop him. Deeply distrustful of authorities (and he has his reasons!), he makes his own investigations in the repressive prison-like base on Jupiter’s moon Io, where stepping outside could kill you in two seconds flat.

He needs to know, because… he just does. Because he has shards of memories that involve people whom he wants to honour, people who were good to him. Never mind that he has no idea whose side they were on.

The problem is that he’s not the only one after the truth.

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