Innocence Lost (Ghostspeaker Chronicles Book 1)

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As the only child of a successful merchant, Johanna has her wits and a sense for business.

The royal family is in deep trouble: ever since the crown princess died of illness, the king has attempted to educate his son to become king. However, the prince is “not good in the head” and quite unsuited to the task. In his grief for his daughter, the king has run the coffers dry: he hired dubious magicians for even more dubious tasks. Those magicians circle like vultures waiting for the kingdom to fail. The king must get his son on the throne, preferably supported by a smart and well-off wife.

He holds a ball in his son’s honour. Johanna has agreed to a dance. But the guests include a number of magicians who are not there for the festivities.
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Innocence Lost is the first book in the six-part Ghostspeaker Chronicles.

It follows the story of Johanna Brouwer, headstrong daughter of a merchant, who wants to take over her father’s business.

Her father, concerned with her future, has brokered a dance with the crown prince at the prince’s ball.

Johanna is shocked. How can he ask her to do this? She overhears a conversation that the royal family is in trouble. Is her father really offering to bankroll them and offer her up as a sweetener?

She doesn’t want to dance. The prince is weird. He has a funny laugh and insults every young lady at the ball with his lewd remarks. She’s furious with her father.

Little does she know it might be the last time she sees him.

Fire demons crash into the ball room. Evil magic washes over the land.

Fire demons crash into the ball room. Evil magic washes over the land. Johanna and her friends are forced to flee the city to get help. But his help is neither easy to find nor without strings.

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2 reviews for Innocence Lost (Ghostspeaker Chronicles Book 1)

  1. Patty

    What a ride! This book started off with a feisty heroine who doesn’t quite fit in. It expands to include magic, mystery, religion and politics. As many of these types of stories do, it was building towards a conflict between love and duty. Between freedom and responsibility. And then everything exploded. Literally. And the story went in directions I never anticipated.

    Content-wise there is some violence and an explicit sex scene, although there is absolutely nothing sensual about it. It is probably the most painfully awkward sex scene I’ve ever read – and intentionally so. It serves a very important purpose to the plot and is not gratuitous.

    This is the first book in a series and as such there is a lot of world building and character development in this book. It is full of drama and action, but it is not until the end that the picture that is being build really becomes clear and the story being told is quite different from what I anticipated from the beginning. There are a LOT of threads started and hanging at the end of this book – some interesting, some uncomfortable.

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  2. Patty

    The story and world that this author created are more than complete. Reading this story truly transports you to a new world of magic and pageantry of a commoner being invited into the life of a royal. Toward the end of the book, we see such a stark contrast with Johanna in the world that has befallen her. Some plot points had the air of predictability, but were done so well that I didn’t care. So very entertaining, with enough twists to keep me glued.

    Yes, the book merely stops mid-story. But the first “half” of this story does entice me to look into the next one. Unlike others who have commented, though, I believe the plot line of this book WAS resolved (i.e. would she marry, and if so, who?) but the hook into the next book did leave so many other threads dangling… Loeise’s affliction, Roald’s “condition”, Father’s life?? And the Bandits in the last few pages were abrupt.

    Yes, there was a graphic scene. It was done as tastefully, artfully and skillfully as anything I could have expected for a main character in her position. I rarely ever advocate for describing “the act”, as I usually find it gratuitous and put in just for the “smut appeal” or sales factor. In this book, I wholeheartedly reverse that stance and say that it was perfectly placed and well said, fitting the character, situation and plot.

    As such, this book is adult-only. It is a preview. It exists to get you into this amazing new world… And yet, knowing all that, still 100% worth the read.

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