Fantabulous Hounds


A collection of images depicting greyhounds doing human things. Ebook.

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Fantabulous Hounds – The secret life of greyhounds.

A collection of images depicting greyhounds doing human things. They have jobs, go to the beach, the shops, the zoo. They catch the bus, sell flowers or coffee. They even dress up as historical figures, like Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or Napoleon.

Fantabulous Hounds started its life as a project on Kickstarter for their Make 100 challenge. I made 100 humanoid greyhounds and posted 20 of them on the Kickstarter page each week. The best 70 images made it into this collection.

The ebook is a companion of the hardcover version. This book is in full colour and is for display on a full colour device, such as an iPad. This ebook is available in EPUB and MOBI versions.

The images were created with the help of the AI art engine MidJourney, and edited by me, sometimes substantially.

Did you know?

The greyhound is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds. Cleopatra owned greyhounds and you can see greyhounds immortalised in the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The ancient Egyptians really cared about their hounds. The passing of a hound was a major sad occasion.

I’m sure you know that greyhounds are very fast, having recorded an official speed of 72km/h. A German shepherd would struggle to reach 2/3rds of that speed. Let’s not talk about slightly overweight fluffy Labradors.

Greyhound racing is a horrible sport. In the past, trainers would use live bait (like, live rabbits) and would put down any animals that didn’t make the cut.

Fortunately, these days the industry is much more regulated. Don’t ask me why it’s still an “industry”, because I would prefer it not to be.

Many people are waiting to adopt these quiet, gentle and frankly very lazy dogs. Many hounds are adopted out before they ever get to see a racecourse.

This is Mango. He is a 6yo ex-racer. He’s crazy about soft toys, especially if they squeak, and is only now learning that if you throw the ball and he runs to get it, it’s really much more fun to return the ball and do it again than to chew it to bits.

Why is greyhound racing still an industry?