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Extermination Space Agent Jonathan Bartell book 3.

While space biologists Jonathan Bartell and Gaby Larsen attend a conference held at a base in the asteroid belt, a man approaches Jonathan in great distress.

He was asked to take over command of a previously commercial research station, but strange things started happening: plants glowing in the dark, lights turning themselves on and off, computers misbehaving.

He discovered the cause, but Section Command issues a gag order on the issue. This is strange, because the Force is investing big in research.

Jonathan is left with many questions: who is this man, why does no one want to hear what he says, what is he doing at the conference, and what is the ultimate enemy of humanity?

A novella in the Space Agent Jonathan Bartell series, which explores biology in space and what happens when people start messing with it.

A nervous man approaches Jonathan when he and Gaby attend a scientific conference. He wants to tell Jonathan something, but he disappears before Jonathan finds out what it’s about.

After some investigation, Jonathan finds that the man used to work at a small experimental space station that was the subject of an “attack”.

But the “space aliens” that the space force has promised don’t look anything like green little men in flying saucers. Nor are they big and scary monsters you can fight.

The real threat is much more pervasive and dangerous. It’s hard to fight, hard to see and extremely dangerous.

This is why the sector command has been careful not to sow too much panic amongst their troops and space settlers.

But far too many people are ignorant.

The mysterious visitor may have already opened the door for trouble. There are a few hundred conference guests who need to be kept safe.

The novellas in this series each tell a complete story that centres around an aspect of society, science or biology, especially in relation to human interaction. You can read them in any order.

This book is also available in audio.

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