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Elevation is the fifth novella in the Jonathan Bartell Space Agent series, a collection of space-based whodunnits or mysteries.

You can enjoy each story independently. They do not have to be read in order. Each deals with a specific problem that is solved in that volume.

Verona Rupes, on the ice moon Miranda, is the tallest cliff in the solar system. If you jump off the top, it takes 700 seconds to reach the bottom. What can you do in the most important 700 seconds of your life?

Jonathan and Gaby arrive at the ice moon Miranda to work with a local researcher and find that adventurists have snuck into an area infected with alien bacteria and have gotten themselves in trouble.

Do these people have to be stopped because they’re about to spread a bacterial infection to the human settlements or are there other factors at play? A tale of petty vindictiveness, competition and jealousy. Oh, and a wedding.

In this story, our heroes travel to Miranda, an ice moon of Uranus, which houses the tallest cliff in the solar system.

As with the other Jonathan Bartell stories, something goes wrong, people go missing, and Jonathan has to figure out what happened, why perfectly sane people would throw themselves off a cliff, and where the boundary lies between culture and rule, between orders given by a faraway command on Earth and the reality people find themselves in at the outer edges of the solar system. It involves fluorescent bacteria, a cult, and a self-obsessed leader.

Because out in space, your worst enemies are your fellow travellers.

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