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Dragon Soup paperback edition is book 1 in the Bureau of Magic Abuse series by Patty Jansen

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About Dragon Soup

When Perrin was so desperate that he applied for a job with the Bureau of Magic Abuse, there were two things he didn’t realise. One, that he might actually get the job and two, that it would involve working with magic sniffers.

And what an annoyance the creatures are. They keep him up at night, need to feed on expensive fresh fruit and cause him embarrassment.

A new inn opens in town and patrons flock to it. Perrin checks it out for forbidden magic, finds none but something doesn’t add up. Is it the stranger, clearly a wizard, who makes little effort to cover up his illegal activities? Is it the owner of the new inn, who can’t possibly have accumulated enough money to buy the place? Or is it the unfailingly raving reviews?

Something fishy is going on, and his boss at the Bureau doesn’t even want him to investigate. But Perrin has never let that stop him.

Here is a sample:

The complaint preceded Perrin into the Bureau. By the time he had left the embarrassing situation behind, walked back to the office, entered the old stately building and walked up the stairs to the large room with the many desks that served as an office for all the magic inspectors, his supervisor was waiting for him.

She did not look happy.

A couple of his colleagues, most of them people he hadn’t had the opportunity to get to know very well, gave him sideways glances. One of them even sniggered. This man had made comments about Perrin’s background a few days ago.

Yes, he was inexperienced, and he wasn’t supposed to be, at his age. Yes, he hadn’t worked in the traditional sense of the word for most of his life, having been Atreyo’s partner. His colleagues looked down on people whom they considered rich and useless, because they sat home and held tea parties.

And even if that was what he had done—which he hadn’t—were they aware of how much work went into tea parties?

He had kept Atreyo’s business alive. He paid all the bills and had taken care of all the administration.

That was work, too, even if he didn’t have a boss in the usual sense of the word and didn’t go into an office.

But none of them understood that.

With a sinking heart, Perrin crossed the room and went to the desk that was his. He would usually sit here to make notes after his inspections.

Now, his supervisor loomed on the other side, not saying anything yet, but distracting him from his note-taking.

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