Ambassador Series Mega Set


All books of the Ambassador series in one:

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red
Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy
Ambassador 2: Raising Hell
Ambassador 3: Changing Fate
Ambassador 4: Coming Home
Ambassador 5: Blue Diamond Sky
Ambassador 6: The Enemy Within
Ambassador 7: The Last Frontier
Ambassador 8: The Alabaster Army
Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert
Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets

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The Ambassador series is a long-running series of interconnected stories. Each is a separate story, but they’re best read in order.

The Background

In 1968, a small space ship crashes on a remote beach on a Greek Island.

The two inhabitants, people of the Coldi race, similar enough to humans to disguise as people from Asian descent, escape into Athens, where they are the beginning of a secretive Coldi population fleeing an oppressive regime.

Fast forward to 2114. The world is cautiously rebuilding from wars and disasters which have reshaped the landscape. The world population has halved. The US is no more, the UN is no more. And at the end of the 21st century, the revelation that an alien race has been watching comes as a double whammy. Humans are hurt and angry.

The Ambassador series

Cory Wilson is a diplomat. Born in New Zealand, he has lived in space since he was ten and has always interacted with non-Earth people. To prevent major conflict between Earth and the Coldi race is his brief. Total immersion in Coldi culture is his method. Baby steps are his pace.

Of course everything is about to go pear-shaped.

The Ambassador series is a science fiction thriller series of interconnected stories. Each book, with the exception of books 3 and 4, is an independent story that is a piece in a large story about the major power struggles in the inhabited parts of the galaxy.

For veteran readers, here is the Ambassador Character list.


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