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Never has there been more at stake for the people on Earth.

The referendum question is simple: does Earth join gamra, the organisation that governs the Exchange, the FTL space travel network?

While a “yes” vote would mean big changes, a “no” vote would leave Earth isolated and alone to face those waiting to fill the void, and those dark forces are already on the prowl.

Cory is one of the few people who can see the big picture, not just those campaigning for the “no” vote, but the off-Earth forces that wait behind them, but he and his team went on a holiday to New Zealand and communication has been mysteriously cut off.

Someone is taking control of communication channels, bringing the “yes” campaign to its knees, and by the time Cory is aware that the race is on, the only avenue open to him is a hard-hitting, negative campaign that requires him to go into the lion’s den: the homelands of the obscenely rich members of the Pretoria Cartel, where gun-crazy hunters, lions and elephants are just the start of his problems.

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Praise for Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert print version

“I have read every book in this series. From the very human main character (Cory) to the colorful worlds to the equally colorful characters, these book shine with imagination and relatable storylines. I love this universe she has created and wish I could be part of it. I can say that the one thing I don’t care for is that the book ended. I want to keep reading……” –Amazon Reviewer.

“As soon as I finished Ambassador 9 I was looking for Ambassador 10.This is just as good as most of the rest of the series. Kudos to Ms. Jansen. A fine read.”–Amazon Reviewer

From the Author:

Ambassador 9 is a capstone volume, much like volume 4 and 7 of the series. Many long-running threads come to exciting conclusions in this volume:

What is Cory’s relationship with Ezhya Palayi, the most powerful person within gamra?
Can their friendship survive the current issues?
What is Cory’s position on Asto?
How can he keep his varied and growing team together?
What is going on at the edges of Asto’s society?

This book draws from previous volumes, notably book 2, when Cory first visited Asto and where a number of processes were set in motion. It dives deep into the fringes of Asto’s society and lays bare a number of complex relationships and one massive vulnerability that forms the basis of all of the strange and sometimes stand-off-ish decisions made by the upper echelons of power on Asto.

This volume also lays the groundwork for the next volumes, when the story takes yet another different and unexpected direction.
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