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Ambassador 8: The Alabaster Army hardcover edition is book 8 in the Ambassador series by Patty Jansen

About Ambassador 8: The Alabaster Army

Deadly creatures, hostile climate, and that is just the scenery.

For many years, mysterious things have happened on the ice world of Tamer, but when a scientist goes missing from Barresh thought to be on Tamer, Cory is forced to take the issue by the horns.

Problem is, he is dealing with unexpected side effects of his fertility treatment, and, like his Coldi companions, he’s lost much of his night vision, and has trouble tolerating low temperatures.

Trouble is, a recent addition to his team has sent shockwaves through his group of loyal companions and things are still sorting themselves out.

Not his healthy self, under-resourced, frozen and half-blind, that’s not the best preparation to visit a world where humans are not at the top of the food chain, let alone dealing with enemies who will go to any lengths to hide their activities.

Here is a sample:

WE COULD DO NOTHING. The dark shape was pulling us in, taking up an ever increasing proportion of the viewscreen.

Ahead, the dark maw of the entrance became ever bigger.

No one in the cabin spoke, but they all stared at how the faint light from our craft lit a small patch on the huge dark structure, the matte black hull that was pitted and scarred and that bore hatches and protuberances the purpose of which I could only guess.

The shuttle drifted into the darkness of the giant docking hall. All engines had cut out a while ago. I’d told the crew that this happened the previous time we’d encountered this ship. I’d told them how big the hall was, but they were still gaping at the screen.
The pilots now had all the view screens on camera view. A small alarm beeped at the control panel.

“What’s that?” Yana asked. He was nervous, clutching the controls to the long-range cannons in his hands. I presumed that his military training would mean nothing would go off accidentally, but wondered whether his threshold for firing was much lower than ours.

Damn, I didn’t like coming here with these highly-strung military people.

“There is some kind of object to our right,” Taleyu said.

I said, “They’re landing platforms suspended in mid-air.”

The last time we had been in this hall, we had been forced down onto one of those platforms, and then Captain Kando Luczon and his party had come to us. He had walked on an invisible walkway in mid-air.

Nobody spoke as the ship slowly drifted. While the engines were off and the operations of the craft reduced, we still had internal power. Rixya tried several different types of camera scans in different wavelengths. The infrared was “interesting” according to Thayu: a plain dark-grey screen, without any features. I wondered aloud what it meant.

“They’re either well-shielded or the ship is dead,” she said.

Rixya turned a switch.

It was as if a shockwave went through the cabin.

Ynggi clamped his hands over his ears. “It’s so loud!”

I didn’t hear anything, but I could feel it, in my stomach.

The screen facing the pilots had changed to a monochrome light-green and black, and it displayed outlines of the vast hall.

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