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Never has there been more at stake for the people on Earth.

The referendum question is simple: does Earth join gamra, the organisation that governs the Exchange, the FTL space travel network?

While a “yes” vote would mean big changes, a “no” vote would leave Earth isolated and alone to face those waiting to fill the void, and those dark forces are already on the prowl.

Cory is one of the few people who can see the big picture, not just those campaigning for the “no” vote, but the off-Earth forces that wait behind them, but he and his team went on a holiday to New Zealand and communication has been mysteriously cut off.

Someone is taking control of communication channels, bringing the “yes” campaign to its knees, and by the time Cory is aware that the race is on, the only avenue open to him is a hard-hitting, negative campaign that requires him to go into the lion’s den: the homelands of the obscenely rich members of the Pretoria Cartel, where gun-crazy hunters, lions and elephants are just the start of his problems.

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Ambassador 7: The Last Frontier audio version is the seventh book in the Ambassador series by Patty Jansen.

After attending the court case, Cory and his team have taken some time off. They’re visiting Cory’s father on the farm in New Zealand.

It’s a nice and quiet time, too quiet, actually. Suspiciously quiet…

A mysterious visitor with a mysterious requests leads to the discovery that their communication has been blocked, and the quiet world hasn’t been so quiet at all.

The referendum for Earth to join gamra has been called, but because of the communication block, Cory has lost two valuable weeks, and he isn’t the only person to have dropped off the communication radar.

Someone is manipulating the world’s communication.

Cory decides to dive into the epicentre of the problem, and accepts an invitation to speak with the leader of the Pretoria Cartel, a mining magnate by the name of Minke Kluysters, whose property, a game park in South Africa, holds deep and disturbing secrets about the activities of his company.

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