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The world as we know it is on a certain path to war…

Delegate Cory Wilson has returned to gamra headquarters from deep space with a rather unwelcome guest: Captain Kando Luczon of the mammoth Aghyrian ship that has returned after mysteriously vanishing 50,000 years ago. On board the ship only 400 years have passed, in which they have visited another galaxy. But the captain isn’t willing to share what they found there or why they decided to come back. In fact, the captain does his utmost best to live up to his infamous historical reputation as an utter jerk, having lived through four hundred years to cultivate his jerkery.

Cory had hoped that by isolating the captain from his ship, mostly still in stasis mode, he could start a conversation, but Kando Luczon isn’t interested in a conversation. He views the modern version of his home world Asto as inferior, its inhabitants the Coldi as nothing but a placeholder race and all other races as savages.

Meanwhile the ship is showing signs of waking up, ancient satellites in orbit in the space junk clouds around Asto and Ceren sputter into life, and Asto’s Chief Coordinator and Cory’s friend Ezhya Palayi makes it clear that if pushed, Asto’s formidable military fleet will take defensive action.

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Ambassador 4: Coming Home audio version is the fourth book in the Ambassador series.

After the discovery of the Aghyrian ship, Cory has accompanied Captain Kando Luczon to Barresh to negotiate with Asto. The captain is a very special person, one of the very few people to have seen Asto before the meteorite strike. Unfortunately, he is also an obnoxious, arrogant character.

Before the ship arrived, the small population of Aghyrians on Asto have made a claim on the planet on behalf of the people on the ship. A lot of tempers are frayed about this.

The Asto Aghyrians, a repressed group of poor people, have suddenly come into power with the backup of the enormous ship and its crew. Those people have the technology to visit another galaxy.

But is the captain interested in negotiating?

Cory doesn’t think so.

He is sure that the captain and his travellers are putting up a smokescreen to disguise their real plans: take Asto back by force, and evict the billions who call the planet their home.

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