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Ambassador 2: Raising Hell Audio version is the second book in the Ambassador science fiction thriller series.

In this standalone volume, we learn a lot about how Coldi society works.

Cory decides to travel to Asto to help secure Ezhya’s position as Chief Coordinator of Asto while Ezhya is stuck off-world because of an Exchange outage. But once he’s there, he discovers that Coldi society is even more treacherous than he thought it was. And oh, if the heat won’t kill him, the rain certainly will. Or the murderous guard robots.

He acquires responsibility over a young girl no one knew existed and meddles in relationships that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

“It takes quite a bit of skill to develop a human, but not yet human species and make it hang together. Cory, the main character was once again a great read. I’ve lived in the Pilbara in Western Australia, and Patty Jansen truly captured the excruciating discomfort of overheating. At points in the story I felt as if I was back there, working hard in the baking sun and feeling the fluid being sucked out of my body by the unrelenting heat.–Amazon reviewer”

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