Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy


3 December 2114

Cory Wilson is woken in the middle of the night with a summons to appear in the president of Nations of Earth’s office. An aid worker in Djibouti has discovered a shipment of alien guns.

As ambassador to gamra, the extraterrestrial organisation which controls the Exchange, the FTL wormhole network, Cory has often been critical of Earth’s handling of extraterrestrial problems. This is his moment to shine, to apply his knowledge about alien customs, to, in the words of the president, “get those idiots out of there”.

Except the usual suspects, the Zhori mafia who have caused trouble on Earth for a long time, are nowhere to be seen. This is something far more dangerous, something that involves all of northern Africa, something that provokes the anger of Asto, gamra’s largest world. Asto’s army is already prowling in orbit, ready to strike.

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Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy

Ambassador 1A: The Sahara Conspiracy is the second book in the Ambassador science fiction thriller series by Patty Jansen.

The story fits chronologically in between book 1 and 2.

Cory and his team travel to the hottest area on Earth to find out what is going on in the hell hole of the Dafur region in Ethiopia. The Coldi Zhori mafia is active in the area, and patrols have found illegal off-Earth weapons.

To his surprise, the problems are entirely off-worldly in origin. Off-worldly people only understand off-worldly measures. Drastic action is necessary.

If you enjoyed the first book Seeing Red than you will love this one. It has the right amount of pace and action combined with plausible SciFi technology to keep you turning the pages. –Amazon Reviewer

Cory and his associates and bodyguards are on a new adventure, this time right here on planet earth. But other worlds and their very different races and beliefs were interwoven very well into a fascinating story. I loved it, and will read more of the Ambassador Series! –Amazon Reviewer

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