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Ambassador 11: The Forgotten War is book 11 in the Ambassador series by Patty Jansen

About Ambassador 11: The Forgotten War

Cory has made several commitments to members of the Asto inner circles that involve young people. He needs to spend time with Thayu’s thirteen-year-old son. He has also been asked to do a favour for a wheelchair-bound boy of the Azimi clan.

What better to do with a couple of pre-teens than to visit the theme parks that are historic relics from the 21st century on Earth?

Of course he has a hidden agenda. On a previous trip to the south of Barresh, Cory and his team found disturbing evidence that people from the former Southern California Aerospace Corps made it to Ceren about fifty years ago. He needs to find out more about them.

In 2125, the city of Los Angeles is in Mexico, and the places Cory wants to visit are across the heavily guarded border in the wilderness of America Free State.

While he’s investigating, while he’s being shadowed and occasionally threatened, while the kids are having old-fashioned fun going on rides, misappropriating the hardware and upsetting the squirrels (oops), something is about to come to a spectacular crash.

It’s not that the highly armed rebels of America Free State want to take back land that they consider theirs, although they do.

It’s not the fact that Nations of Earth president Simon Dekker hates Cory and that he’s poking around in what Dekker considers his territory, although he does.

It’s that Earth is on the brink of war, and no one knows it yet.

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His eyebrows flicked up.

“Why would you want to go there? There is nothing to see over there.”

“It’s close enough to the tourist spots, isn’t it?”

“I guess, but…”

“You said you could take me anywhere?”

“We can, but I don’t understand why…”

“We’re not here as tourists. There is a mystery that we would like to solve. There used to be an organisation called the Southern California Aerospace Corps. They were initially based in San Diego, in a location we have already visited. That visit didn’t answer our questions about the organisation, so we’re now looking at additional locations. They used to operate a factory in this location.”

“Huh.” He stared at our map.

“Have you heard of them?”

“Heard, yes. Aren’t those the group that was going to take us all for trips to the Moon?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s the group,” I said. “They took over a lot of technology once the space exploration institutes fell victim to the civil war.” Mainly from NASA, but there had been other, related, institutes.

Swallow snorted. “You’re putting it politely. They stole a lot of the stuff. They squirrelled it across the border. They were going to build space bases and all that. They even got money for it. But nothing ever came of it.” He frowned at me. “But why would you worry about that? I mean—you come from…” He spread his hands.

“It’s a fairly long story,” I said. “In short, we found some stuff that we think may have been theirs and we want to know more.”

“You found stuff? You mean, out there?” He glanced at the ceiling.

“Yes. We need to know how seriously to take it.”

“Huh. They kind of disappeared.”

“Do you know what happened?”

“Ran out of money and out of people who wanted to support their crazy dreams, that’s my guess.”

“Do you know anyone who used to work for them?”

“Not really.”

This had been our reply, everywhere we went. People knew of the organisation. No one knew anyone who had worked for it. The youngest of those employees would now be in their seventies, and average life expectancy was seventy-one, so it was not surprising.

“I want to find some of those people who can tell me more. I want to look at this place that used to be the base where they put space craft together and test the vehicles. Perhaps someone in the town has an old vehicle in a shed at their house. Perhaps we can find someone who used to work at this factory. According to my information, thousands of people used to work here. Does that explain to you why we want to go there?”

“I guess. It’s not a pleasant area, though. The townsfolk are fond of roughing up strangers.”

“I’m not expecting a welcome committee. I just want to see what we can find out.”

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