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Cory has made several commitments to members of the Asto inner circles. He needs to spend time with Thayu’s son. He has also been asked to give a favour to a boy of the Azimi clan.

What better to do with a couple of pre-teens than to visit the theme parks that are historic relics from the 21st century on Earth?

Of course he has a hidden agenda. On a previous trip to the south of Barresh, Cory and his team found disturbing evidence that people from the former Southern California Air Corps made it to Ceren about fifty years ago. He needs to find out about them.

Except this is 2125, and the former city of Los Angeles is in Mexico, and the interesting places are across the heavily guarded and impenetrable border in America Free State.

While he’s investigating, while he’s being shadowed and occasionally threatened, while the kids are having old-fashioned fun going on rides and starting rebellions (oops), something is about to come to a spectacular crash.

It’s not that the highly armed rebels of America Free State want to take back land that they consider theirs, although they do.

It’s not the fact that Nations of Earth president Simon Dekker hates Cory and the fact that he’s poking around in what Dekker considers his territory, although he does.

It’s that the Southern California Air Corps is about to pull a very large and nasty surprise.

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Ambassador 11: The Forgotten war print version takes Cory and his team to a place the series hasn’t yet visited: the future US.

Of course this is a very different US from the place we know today. More than a hundred years into the future, the country has collapsed into four feuding countries that nevertheless rather stick together than work with the big baddie Nations of Earth, or heaven forbid, gamra.

Much of the region is inaccessible to people from outside. Cory and his team find a way into the inland area where he needs to investigate the origin of the ruined space ship that he and his team found in Barresh, but when he is in the most isolated place he’s ever visited in his life, something happens. At first, he has no idea what. Then people start threatening him and his team members.

After escaping into the relative safety of Mexico, it becomes clear: there has been an attack from space. Locals are blaming “the aliens”. Authorities are utterly unhelpful. Flights across the Atlantic are cancelled and travel is impossible.

How do they get out? How do they prove that gamra had nothing to do with the attacks? Who has?

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