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Ceren, the world that’s the home of the city of Barresh, has vast swathes of untamed wilderness, most of it tribal land belonging to meta-human tribes like the Pengali.
For many years, illegal organisations have seen these tribes as inroad into the lucrative gamra economy, abusing the local population with next to no payment, inflicting damage on their society. Sadly, Cory knows far too much about this, having studied Earth’s history.
Cory’s Pengali worker Ynggi has indicated he’d wanted to visit his home tribe, giving Cory the perfect reason to check out Pengali involvement in smuggling activities.
However, if he thinks Ynggi’s Thousand Islands tribe is secretive and hostile, he will soon be corrected in a big way. Another tribe, the Misty Forest tribe, has made hostile overtures to the fiercely independent but peaceful Thousand Island settlements. Someone has been selling these people hostile propaganda. Not just that, they appear to have received some help from off-world and are on a mission to expand their territory by force.
For Cory and his team, an anthropological excursion turns into a battle to leave the forest alive.

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Ambassador 10: Lost Forest Secrets audio book takes Cory and his team back to the Pengali tribes.

Ynggi needs to visit his family, he needs to help visitors get home from the city, and Cory has been asked to investigate curious activity in the area.

Dive into the alien Pengali tribes with their curious and occasionally embarrassing habits.

Travel with a group of highly-strung security personnel who don’t appreciate Pengali tomfoolery, nor the antics by a stubborn youngster, who are always on alert, and who still manage to miss the approaching danger.

Deep in the forest, mysterious things are happening. The Pengali tribes are on the war path, a fact that has been largely ignored by authorities in the city. Locating the source of the problem isn’t easy, because Pengali are as opaque as hell. Someone is setting one of the local tribes up with technology, but no one knows who this is or where the technology comes from.

Hidden in the forest, Cory and his team make a discovery that is both unexpected and highly disturbing. It’s a discovery that links back to events in the past and has ramifications for the future.

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