Ambassador 1, 1A, 2 Audio bundle

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The bundled AUDIO edition of the first three books in the Ambassador series.

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Ambassador 1, 1A, 2 Audio bundle. A collection of the first three books in the Ambassador series.

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1: Seeing Red – Cory Wilson is about to start his new job as representative to gamra, the alien organisation that controls the network for wormhole travel, when a political murder may well end his position before it started.

1A: The Sahara Conspiracy – Cory is asked to deal with the alien mafia on Earth, and stumbles across a dangerous plot.

2: Raising Hell – the wormhole network goes down, and Cory’s friend and leader of the largest populated world Asto is caught off-world. Dangerous politics are afoot on Asto, and Cory decides to help his friend.

Praise for Ambassador 1: Seeing Red:

“A Matt Damon political thriller meets Total Recall action with Avatar otherworldliness.” —Ditmar Award winning author Zena Shapter

“I have been reading SCIFI for about 35 years. The Ambassador series is my latest new addiction. I have read the series pretty much non stop.” -Reviewer

“It is the sign of a great story teller when an intricate political landscape can be seamlessly woven into youAUDIOr brain without you ever noticing. I was well and truly hooked. The hierarchies and customs of various alien races are understandably complex but not too much to lose the reader. The story is fast-paced and twisting as Cory tries to unravel who could perpetrate the attack on the President and why they would do so, while enduring stonewalling and spying from all sides of politics, including his own.” — Reviewer at SQ Magazine (

Aliens, political scheming, gunfights

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red is a tense thriller that takes place on both a future Earth and alien worlds. It weaves together human and alien cultures to create a world where political scheming and tension are commonplace.

The scheming doesn’t always come from the expected culprits.

Follow Earth envoy Cory Wilson on a diplomatic mission to a hostile alien world where he needs to watch his back.

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The Background

In 1968, a small space ship crashes on a remote beach on a Greek Island.

The two inhabitants, people of the Coldi race are similar enough to humans to disguise as people from Asian descent. They escape into Athens, where they are the beginning of a secretive Coldi population fleeing an oppressive regime.

Fast forward to 2114. The world is cautiously rebuilding from wars and disasters which have reshaped the landscape. The world population has halved. The US is no more, and the UN is no more. At the end of the 21st century, the revelation that an alien race has been on Earth for over a hundred years comes as a double whammy. Humans are hurt and angry.

The Ambassador series

Cory Wilson is a diplomat. Born in New Zealand, he has lived in space since he was ten and has always interacted with non-Earth people. To prevent major conflict between Earth and the Coldi race is his brief. Total immersion in Coldi culture is his method. Baby steps are his pace.

Of course everything is about to go pear-shaped.

The Ambassador series is a science fiction thriller series of interconnected stories. Each book, with the exception of books 3 and 4, is an independent story that is a piece in a large story about the major power struggles in the inhabited parts of the galaxy.


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