What formats do you sell?
Every book is available in MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (other ereaders) and in PDF format.

I ordered a book. Where is it?
When you order, you will get two emails: one confirming the order and another from a company called Bookfunnel with the download links for the book. Didn’t receive it? Let me know by replying to the order confirmation and I can re-send the order.

How do I get this book on my device?
The email from Bookfunnel with the download link has a “help” link at the top. The people at Bookfunnel know everything about devices and formats, and they’re super helpful. Please contact them.

What about refunds
If there is something wrong with the book, I will replace it. If you accidentally bought it twice, I’m happy to give you a store credit.

I’m not in Australia. Can I get a signed book?
Yes, but the postage will probably kill you. If you have no issue with that, contact me through the form on this site.