How to change your prices on all venues

The key to getting prices changed in time for a promo is:

Don’t leave it too late

Start changing a couple of days before the promo.


Amazon price changes usually go into effect within a few hours of updating. Note that for the promo, you MUST change the price manually, as I will be accepting no more Countdown Deals.


– Because they only apply to the US and UK, and a third of our readership is not in the US and quite a few are not in the UK either. I don’t like getting angry emails from these people.
– Because Countdown deals are notoriously fickle. They don’t always go off in time, and more times than I can recount, Amazon has cancelled the deal unilaterally.

If you have used Countdown deals in the past, be sure to check Amazon’s TOS to see if you can manually lower the price, because there are time restrictions.


Kobo price changes made through the KWL dashboard usually go through within an hour or so… except when they don’t.

Seriously, if you’re going to use the KWL dashboard to lower your price (or even to make the book free), schedule it through the promotional pricing menu that you will find at the bottom of the page where you set the price for your book. After you have done this, a $ sign will show up on the book’s cover in your dashboard. This option works like a charm.


Whether you’re direct or through D2D, give them plenty of leeway, because they’re by far the slowest off the blocks. The Nook people don’t work (and don’t change prices) on weekends, so put your request in a couple of days in advance. You can only make books free on Nook through an aggregator like D2D or Smashwords.


They’re pretty fast with making changes to pricing.
Remember that Apple price points must end in .99 and that the exchange rate + taxes are likely push your book into a higher price bracket in non-US countries. Set your prices individually. Use iTunes Connect rather than the iTunes Producer to change prices. If you’re not direct, give them a few days.

Google Play

They also offer a price scheduling option, but I’ve never used it because their price changes are immediate. Use it if you think you might forget.