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(if you haven’t done any of these promos before, please read the rest of the page first, starting with “How Does It Work”)

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Look on Prolific Works (Instafreebie) for joint promotions organised by Ebookaroo

You can always use the Ebookaroo form for specials and new releases. Feel free to bookmark that link. It’s always open.


How Does It Work

(aka. Read The Instructions)

1. The site:

I put up a bunch of books that are 99c. Note: Starting August 2017, the number of books will be limited to 100, to allow for greater variety. See the home page and past promos for examples.

2. Social media:

  • I love Twitter. I love my blog. I have a decent mailing list.
  • Someone else likes Facebook and is in a gazillion groups
  • Someone is really good at G+
  • Or Reddit
  • Or Instagram
  • Or has a following on another forum (like Mobilereads)
  • Or has a mailing list much bigger than mine

We all post the link to to the promo at the social media outlets of our choice on the day(s) of the promo. We like/retweet/repost each other’s posts.

3. The proof:

  • In September, we got over 600 sales for participating authors. Some of those books are still selling through the page
  • On 3 November, we got over 22,000 downloads for participating authors. Downloads are still happening, even if some of the books have gone back to paid.
  • In early December, we got over 900 sales through the page, with individual authors recording as many as 43 sales.
  • In January, we got over 26,000 downloads
  • In February, our box set sale recorded over 1300 sales for 45 authors. Individuals reported over 100 sales. There has also been talk about a good “tail” for the promo.
  • In March, we ran a joint KU/Free on Kobo promotion. While the effects of borrows are extremely hard to quantify, and Kobo’s free reporting is broken, participating
  • authors reported sales on Kobo of subsequent volumes. People also reported sales for KU books.
  • In April, we got 90,000 downloads for 90 authors
  • In May, we sold 1355 books, with individual authors reporting as many as 62 sales
  • In June, we got 120,000 clicks on book links, and added more than 2000 people to the site’s mailing list
  • In July, we sold more than 1500 books for members
  • In September, we sold more than 2000 books for members

4. The rules:

  • Books must be Speculative Fiction. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO COUNTDOWN DEALS These only apply to the US and UK. We’re an international bunch.
  • The books must be full-length novels of 150 pages or more (otherwise 99c isn’t much of a deal)
  • Books must be presented well: nice cover, nice blurb, nice writing. I reserve the right to refuse books that don’t make the grade. Poor covers and poor formatting are major culprits, also poor editing. I’m quite lenient, but if an entry is very obviously not ready, I can’t post it. Please note: I will not go into discussion over this. I may contact you if I think there is an easy fix, but I’m a full-time author and have deadlines and don’t have the time for lengthy coaching discussions.
  • No minimum reviews/star rating or any of that BS
  • Enter a different book with each promo if you can. Don’t have a different book? Get your butt off the internet and write one!

NO COST to the author, but you MUST be willing to post to your mailing list and/or use your social media footprint to participate.

5. Register for the next promo:

If there is no live link at the top of this page, go to the form at the bottom of this page.

Enter your email address and name. Hit “subscribe”. I’ll notify you when the entry form is up. That list is how I communicate. I am lazy and don’t take subscriptions through email or PM or anything like that. Because I’m lazy. And people should read the frikken instructions 😛

6. The Facebook group

The promo authors have a Facebook group where we chat about the promo and about selling SF/F books in general.

Once you’re on the promo’s author mailing list, reply to any email with the email address that you use for Facebook and I’ll send you an invite.

Or join the SF/F author cross-promotion group here

7. What’s in it for me:

Y’know, I’m not charging so why would I want to do this other than that I have some sort of desire to inflict self-punishment?

Well, I get all these people who have an awesome reach at Reddit, Tumblr, G+ and other sites that I don’t have time for/fundamentally don’t grok to promote my book there for me….

Oh, wait. That’s what everyone else is getting, too!

Disclosure: I DO use my Amazon affiliate tags on the promos. That will sometimes get me enough to take my family to Maccas. Oh, wait, Amazon Affiliates still uses cheques and bank fees are like %^#(^&^$ and no I can’t use gift cards for the money because I can’t use them, not being in the US. So yeah, a bit of money, eventually. Nothing to write home about. Mainly the cross-promo opportunity.

Of course you can also donate to the promo

This is not a commercial site. Many commercial promo sites charge money for much worse results. If you appreciate the promo, consider donating $5 or $10 for me to pay for the mailchimp lists and the cost of running this site. Note: This is not mandatory, nor does it guarantee your participation in the promo. I would very much prefer if you waited until AFTER a promo.

Registration to be notified of future promos:

I will email you when the registration form opens. You will enter all the details about the titles there. I don’t take entries in any other form.