Author FAQ

My mailing list has three people on it (me, my husband and my mother). Can I take part?

Sure! A promo like this needs two things: 1. People with large social media footprints, 2. Lots of books readers haven’t seen before. It would be great if participants fell in both categories, but the reality is, most fall in one of the two. The more, the merrier. Come along!

What genres do you accept?

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, which includes Dystopian/Post-apocalyptic and Urban Fantasy/PNR. Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance is fine. The page usually has a special category for Romance. No graphic novels, sorry. The speculative aspect of the book must be evident in the blurb. Erotica? Seriously, there are much, much better places to sell that. I will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. If the cover is explicit nup, sorry. If it’s more subdued, I will probably put it in the SFR/FR section. Swearing and violence? Hell, yeah. Christian SFF? Sure.

I registered for the mailing list, what happens next?

You will receive an email letting you know that the form is up for the next promotion. Usually this is about 3 weeks before the promo weekend.

I entered in the form, what now?

You will receive an email a week before the promotion that the pages are up.This email asks you to check your entries. PLEASE DO THIS. And do this as soon as you can. It’s only a few clicks. Pretty please?

I didn’t get an email

Check your spam or promotions folder. I use Mailchimp for the list and sometimes emails get lost. It could also be that I chose not to include your book. Check your entry against the submission requirements for that month before emailing.

There are mistakes in my entry

I will fix wrong or not working links, wrong categories and other things that are obviously a mistake.

I changed my cover recently

I will NOT update covers. I pull these from the respective sites at the time of making the page. I’m not going to update them. If it’s a major issue, I will drop the book from the promo.

I’d rather have a different book in the promo

Nope. I can delete the book that’s on the page. That’s it. Also, it takes me time to put these up, so wasting my time in this manner, especially if you do this repeatedly, does not make me happy.

Can I do a promotion on a 99c Kindle Countdown deal?

Nope. We are an international bunch. If I can’t buy it for 99c in Australia, it’s a no-go.

But I am in Select. Can I still take part?

Sure. As long as the book satisfies the criteria. This means manually lowering the price for a 99c promo. PLEASE read the Amazon TOS regarding price changes with Countdowns before entering books. Removing books because the author says oops I’m not allowed to change the price does not make me happy.

You seem to have a thing against books that are in Select

Yup. I’m not in a Select country. It’s not available to me or all the readers who are my friends. The promo has about a third of readers that are not in the US. Many are in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and a host of other countries. Running promotions that are not available to these readers pisses them off. It pisses me off, because I have to deal with their angry emails.

What about pre-orders?

I will accept SHORT pre-orders, where the book goes live no more than two weeks after the days of the promo. No three-month pre-orders, please. The promo is about instant gratification 😛

Why can’t I enter books more than three weeks in advance?

The longer I give people, the more they will forget which book they entered, that they had to change the price for that book, and the more they forget not to book clashing promotions on other sites. They will also forget that they agreed to help promote.

I heard there is a Facebook group for the promo. I can’t find it

This is because it’s a “secret” group. “Secret” is a Facebook term for a group that can’t be found through searches. The reason for this setting is that I find it impossible to filter through the join requests to see who is actually a promo author (or just an author full stop) or not. If you want to join, send me an email with the email address you use to log into Facebook. If you know someone in the group, that person can also submit a join request. It does help a great deal if I got to your Facebook profile and see our promo graphic shared there 😛

Any tips?

Apart from the ones covered in How to make the most out of your promotion and How to lower your prices on all venues, I strongly advocate that people lower their price so that it is effective on the Friday before the promotion also. We have several regulars with very large mailing lists who prefer to send their mailings on Fridays. While I advocate waiting until the promo is live, I can’t stop people doing this and the argument that a lot of people read emails at work is valid. Also, if you’re in the US, you’re 14-18 hours behind me. I send the promotion on 12am Amazon Saturday time, but many of our Australian authors do not wait that long. Saturday is Saturday, right?