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To the contrary. I think they’re worth a lot.

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Who is Patty Jansen?

I’m an Australian author of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’ve written more than fifty novels in different series:

  • Ambassador Series (Space Opera; 12 books, ongoing)
  • Icefire Trilogy (dark fantasy; 3 books, finished)
  • Moonfire Trilogy (dark fantasy; 3 books, finished)
  • Starfire Trilogy (Epic Fantasy; 1 book, ongoing)
  • Return of the Aghyrians series (Space Opera adventure; 4 books, finished)
  • Ghostspeaker Chronicles (Epic Fantasy; 6 books, finished)
  • Dragonspeaker Chronicles (Epic Fantasy; 3 books, finished)
  • ISF-Allion series (hard SF; 2 books and some novellas, ongoing)
  • Project Charon (Space Opera; 4 books, finished)
  • Space Agent Jonathan Bartell (Scifi mystery/whodunnit; 5 books, ongoing)
  • Bureau of Magic Abuse (Cozy Fantasy; 2 books, ongoing)

I’ve been self-publishing since 2011, and before that sold a novel to a traditional press, and short stories to genre magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

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