Making a Sustainable Living With Your Fiction

The Three Year, No-Bestseller Plan For
Making a Sustainable Living From Your Fiction

You intend to self-publish or have published a book or two. You’re not selling very well and wonder why not. You feel you should be doing something, but the thought of “marketing” gives you nightmares.

You don’t want to become one of these people shouting “Buy My Book!” on Twitter.

But you would still love to start selling some books, and pay some or even all of your bills with your writing income.

The good news is that this is ever more possible when self-publishing, if you set yourself up right.

This is where the three-year plan comes in.

The Three Year, No-Bestseller Plan For Making a Sustainable Living From Your Fiction has been a popular forum and blog post on the subject of career and audience building vs chasing sales and rankings of individual books.

What others say about it

For the most part, these posts are more inspiring for me than those posted by blockbuster sellers. You’ve laid out a clear path to an obtainable, and sustainable level of success. You’re going to keep rising with each and every release, and this is proof that hard work and dedication will pay off.–K.B. Nelson

I dig your laid back and patient approach to all of this. It’s easy to get discouraged when no one is buying your books (me!) but it’s important to remember that we get into this business for the writing and audience. We get audience by writing more. I felt so rejuvenated that I wrote up a business plan for this year. I just wanted to say thank you again for being not only encouraging, but realistic.–Mari Oliver

People have long asked me if I’m going to turn the post into a book. The post itself is about 1500 words long, but it covers only an overview of the strategy and is intended for people who are already familiar with many of the tactics discussed. There is much I could add and explain in more detail.

Enter the ebooks!

The Three Year, No-Bestseller Plan For
Making a Sustainable Living From Your Fiction

by Patty Jansen

Originally I thought I’d be able to cover everything in one book, but as I worked on it, I kept having to go back and explain more and more, so there will be two books at least, with potential for others.

Self-publishing Unboxed will show you:

  • How to optimise your book’s listings
  • How to decide which services to use (and how to pick scams!)
  • How to decide what you need to spend your time on besides writing
  • Easy and cheap ways to promote
  • And much more

Mailing Lists Unboxed will show you:

  • How to set up your book listings so they do the passive marketing for you
  • How a mailing list is your best marketing tool
  • How to set up automation emails
  • How to dispel preconceptions about mailing lists
  • And much more

The companion guide Going Wide Unboxed will be free and it will show you:

  • Change in sales tactics required when you go wide
  • How to optimise listings for each platform
  • Tricks for each platform
  • Howe to deal with the price-matching monster
  • Patty’s magic spreadsheet for keeping your book pages up to date

Why should I write these books?

Because I’m living this life right now. I very rarely have books in bestseller lists, but my income has doubled every year to where it’s now within the six figures. I don’t stress over rankings, I don’t stress over reviews. I don’t stress over what Amazon does (or doesn’t do) because I don’t rely on Amazon. I just write books and work on building my own audience.

This book is for writers who want to enjoy life more and stress less.

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