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Dragonspeaker Chronicles

Nellie Dreessen is a kitchen maid in the palace of Regent Bernard of Saardam. She has worked obediently for two kings and two regents, has seen two royal families murdered through magic, has seen ghosts and demons, and kept her head down like a good girl.

On her fiftieth birthday, she receives her late father’s old diary, which he declared unsuitable for a woman under that age. Clearly, he hoped she would not live that long. So much for a father’s love. She remembers his self-absorbed rantings from when she was a young girl and she would love to care not one iota about his snubbing, but it still hurts.

Nellie is through with being obedient. She’s through with the drunkard Regent and his arrogant sons, through with the seedy nobles who eat themselves stupid while the city goes hungry. She is through with hypocritical priests who preach modesty and party with the Regent every night.

And her father’s diary–once she has stopped being angry about it, she finds that it contains explosive information about the church and their finances.

She is old. She is angry. She has no family left. She has nothing to lose–well, maybe the love of an old widowed guard.

You see, Nellie has recently acquired a dragon, and she is not afraid to–actually, she is very much afraid to use it.

But that can be fixed, right?

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This series stands alone, but if you want to know what happened before, you can read more about the Ghostspeaker Chronicles series here.

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