Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert

I have read every book in this series. From the very human main character (Cory) to the colorful worlds to the equally colorful characters, these book shine with imagination and relatable storylines. I love this universe she has created and wish I could be part of it. I can say that the one thing I don’t care for is that the book ended. I want to keep reading……

As soon as I finished Ambassador 9 I was looking for Ambassador 10. This is just as good as most of the rest of the series. Kudos to Ms. Jansen. A fine read.

Ambassador 9: Red Crystal Desert

Ambassador 9

The conflict has brewed for generations, until it has become too big to handle.

Cory and his association finally return to Asto on the invitation of his father-in-law, for his official induction ceremony into the Domiri clan. They are housed in a magnificent villa overlooking a valley, away from the hustle of cities or the military base.

But why can’t they stay with their host? Is it for security? Is it because their host fears upsetting his household?

With Thayu heavily pregnant, Cory has no appetite for adventures. But something is brewing, and listening bugs, a nightly attack and invasion are all part of the deal.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once Asto’s elite was upfront about the nature of the problem?

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