Our moral duty

Apologies to all non-Australians reading this. Since we now have a date for the Voice referendum, let me tell you a story. It’s something I had, frankly, half-forgotten. When I worked in research, I once helped organise a conference for about 150 people. I was the admin/organisational contact for the…

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I’m not afraid

There are many things in real life, including in the author space, that disturb me, but the foremost issue is that everyone seems to be so AFRAID. Of everything. There are many things that we rightfully need to fear (like environmental destruction and war), but the things below are not…

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Turtle-dumping in the suburbs

Myrtle the Turtle

Turtle-dumping? Let me tell you a horrible story that fortunately has a good ending. I don’t like our neighbours. We’re still on speaking terms and they wouldn’t know that I didn’t like them, but there are little things. Like that they “take liberties” with our garden. If they see something,…

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