Bush Turkeys

Bush turkeys are everywhere! But you might be surprised to hear that when we moved to Sydney, there were none. We came from North Queensland where they are, of course, everywhere. They didn’t appear in our suburb until about 2012-ish and made rapid progress through the leafy parks and gardens…

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The tragedy of the bush

I want you to understand the tragedy of the bush. Look at this photo. I took it last week. At first sight, it’s pretty, tranquil. It’s an oasis in the urban landscape. It’s spring, so there is a lot of bright green about. But. Wait. Hang on. Temperate Australia has…

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Turtle-dumping in the suburbs

Myrtle the Turtle

Turtle-dumping? Let me tell you a horrible story that fortunately has a good ending. I don’t like our neighbours. We’re still on speaking terms and they wouldn’t know that I didn’t like them, but there are little things. Like that they “take liberties” with our garden. If they see something,…

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