How to be a dickhead

I’m wondering if many people realise what happens when they lodge a credit card complaint for a charge on their card they don’t recognise or failure of service.

A small business that sells thingymabobs online will use some sort of banking service, they’ll use Paypal and they might use Stripe to process these payments.

So this happens if a customer didn’t get their thingamybob, or their wife, who looks after their card statements, goes WTF is this and raises a complaint, or they simply forgot what the charge was for. Not pointing fingers, I’ve done all those things.

But if your first action for a charge you can’t remember or something you didn’t get delivered is to get back at you bank, you can rest assured that they will pass it off to the seller of the thingamybobs faster than you can say “suspected fraud” with a hefty fine. Just for someone lodging a complaint against them.

My experience as seller since 2000 is that NO MATTER the quality of your evidence (even from people saying “I have the goods now”) will make them retract the claim. It’s just a money-making scheme for banks.

If you love your independent artists, DO NOT partake in this.

If there is an issue, and–fact of life–issues happen, ALWAYS first contact the seller.

If they don’t respond, go for it, but always, please, always take it up with the seller first.

This is why my invoices say that if you ordered digital goods and a download link doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes, respond to the invoice.

I’m OK. I’ll get over the $75 I just got slugged for a $7 sale *despite the customer saying they got their things*. It’s happened to me before.

So now you know how to be a dickhead. You might have done this accidentally in the past, but don’t keep doing this going forward. You’re just helping the banks make more money.

I have done this to people who I think engage in deceptive advertising (not artists, not writers, but accountant-types) because I know what it does to a business at the back end. The customer is always right. The banks and financial services are always right. The small business always loses.

Oh, you wonder why thingamybobs are so expensive?

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