Trope graphics

There is this thing called “trope graphics” that’s been really popular on social media. You can apparently make them with Canva (I don’t have Canva. Shame on me, they’re an Australian company) and they display the book with arrows and whichever tropes are in the book.

Tropes are elements of story that are often typical for a genre. For example, for a romance, trope graphics could advertise “Friends to lovers” or “bi-racial romance” or “second chance”. They’re all code words for some type of story.

To be perfectly honest with you guys, I’m as sick of seeing these as I am of Cinzel Decorative font on book covers. Tropes tell me nothing about the story.

So well of course I wanted to create a spoof graphic. I did this for Dragon Soup. The Bureau of Magic Abuse is *not* serious fiction. In fact, it’s very un-serious, with a fair amount of juvenile antics, including fart humour and sexual innuendo humour and just embarrassing stuff. The character is a gay widower. He’s a fish out of water, clumsy and “too old” to still be amused about certain types of humour.

I intend the subverted trope graphic in a Facebook ad and made the landing page below.

Have a look

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