Authors and TikTok

authors and tiktok

Authors and Tiktok PSA:

No, you really do not have to do TikTok. While there are some cases of author success on the platform, in reality it’s FAR too random to respond to advice about TikTok hacks on how to do well. TikTok is also famous for yoinking your account away and/or your views suddenly dropping off a cliff without rhyme or reason.

Coolio if you enjoy it. I think TikTok is cool for craft and gardening videos.

Also coolio if you try it and it works well. More power to you. But expect the success to be temporary due to the shifting sands of social media and their algorithms, so plan like hell to take your reader base off the platform.

If you do want to do TikTok, you also don’t have to show your face. You can show slide shows of pictures that inspired your book. Or about the history of an area where your book is set. You can use short trailer-style videos. Whatever your jam is, there will be an audience that enjoys it on TikTok. It might just not be a big audience.

Don’t expect (or even hope for) great success because the algorithm is random. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Your followers won’t see your posts unless they specifically go hunting for them, or unless the engagement-whoring algorithm detects a lot of views.

Which, as I said, is totally random.

For the rest of us:

There are SO MUCH better ways to waste a buttload of time (says she, who has been there and done that). For example, write another book. Or organise or enter into some author promotions. Book some promos at promo sites. Learn how to do CPC ads. Write another book (wait, I already said that).

Not because TikTok can’t or won’t ever get you results, but because it’s so insanely random, you have zero control over it.

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