Star & Flame snippet

Here is a snippet from Star & Flame, the third book in the Starfire Trilogy.

Lana climbed up the ladder first, followed by Harek and one of the ship’s crew. It wasn’t easy doing this while dressed in the suit that was too big for her.

The crewmember whistled through his teeth when seeing the carnage inside the capsule.

“Don’t touch anything with your bare hands,” Lana said.

Her voice sounded muffled inside the suit.

Harek and crew member climbed over the jagged edge of the hull breach.

The floor tilted sideways, and they had to hold themselves on the furniture so as not to slide across the space.
Lana stayed at the top of the ladder, using the awkwardness of the suit as an excuse to herself to not join the others inside the capsule.

She had no desire to enter that chamber of death.

Harek and the crewmember found four bodies, one more than she had initially seen.

Harek threw the dead seagulls in a corner. There were at least twenty of them. He studied the victims’ clothing and the head that had rolled under the table. He pushed one of the bodies with his foot. The meat had dried onto the bones, keeping them together in a macabre mummified skeleton.

“Hey, look at this.” The crew member ducked under a table and held up a cylinder.

“What is it?”

“I have no idea. There are some buttons here—whoa!”

A huge blade sprang out of the cylinder. It hit the side of a chair with a _pop_ and pierced the seat covering. It stuck in the frame of the chair. The blade looked new, but was covered in dark gunk. Blood?

“That is some knife,” Harek said, awe in his voice.

The crewmember pulled at the blade, and sliced a bigger hole in the seat covering in the process.

“It’s insanely sharp,” he said. He pulled out the knife, which sliced through the material that covered the seat’s back rest.

“Be careful,” Lana said.

“Hmm,” Harek said. “That thing is not there by accident. I wondered how someone could remove the guy’s head, but this is how. Somebody murdered these people. This is the murder weapon.”

“Huh,” the crewmember said, staring at the headless body. “But then who is the murderer? They’re all dead.”

“We don’t know for certain that these four people were the only ones aboard this strange thing,” Harek said.

He met Lana’s eyes through the visor of the suit.

No one was left alive in the capsule, but elsewhere along the coast?

A deep sense of dread came over her. “Whoever it was, he didn’t take his knife.”

But her attempt at lightheartedness fell flat.

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